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Working Together for a Healthy, Hunger-free Northwest North Carolina

1 in 7 Northwest North Carolinians struggles with hunger. The situation is even worse among our children: 1 in 5 of our kids does not reliably get enough to eat.

Through our work, we hear about the struggles so many of our neighbors are facing. The people that seek food assistance from our network of over 460 local grocery assistance and meal programs tell us about the hard choices they are making on fixed or unpredicable incomes.

Senior citizens are choosing between buying their medicine and buying food. Parents are choosing between paying for childcare and buying food. Families are choosing between keeping a roof over their head and buying food.In a nation as wealthy as ours, no one should have to make these kinds of choices, ever. We believe everyone deserves to eat, every meal, every day.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC is a vibrant and vital hub that provides food, nutrition education services, tools for effective advocacy and much more for a network of 460+ local food assistance programs serving communities across 18 Northwest North Carolina. Every day, we move 37 tons of food through our warehouses and out to our neighbors that need it most through our incredibly dedicated partner network. Together with people like you, we fight hunger and feed community.

We work to make sure that people have the food they need each day because we care about our neighbors and the future we all share.

We know that to make hunger a thing of the past, we must come together in our communities to build solutions to the challenges that drive and underlie persistent, high food insecurity: poverty, employment and wages, health disparities and others.

Together, we are...


Feeding Futures

Feeding Futures

Every child should have enough to eat — every meal, every day. The research is clear: When a child goes without adequate, essential nutrition, it can lead to a lifetime of learning and developmental challenges. Second Harvest Food Bank partners with local programs, schools, and funders to provide the nutritious meals kids need to power through their days. Our childhood hunger programs reach children during and after school, on weekends, and through the summer months.


Feeding Opportunity

To put an end to hunger, we must work together to address root causes of poverty. Second Harvest Food Bank's Providence Culinary Training (PCT) offers a pathway to a family-sustaining employment for un and under-employed. The intensive, 13-week curriculum includes a one-week long internship with one of our many employment partners.

Providence's social enterprises (two not-for-profit restaurants, and a catering operation) host paid Hospitality Residency positions that provide extended training and resume-building experience for selected graduates of PCT. All proceeds from Providence social enterprises help to keep the doors to PCT and opportunity open.

Feeding Health

Feeding Health
Making sure that no one goes hungry is about more than providing calories; it’s about supporting the health of individuals and our community.
It probably comes as no surprise that issues of food insecurity and health are connected. For families living on tight budgets, having enough food; filling foods, can take priority over the nutritional value of items. In communities where full-service grocery stores are few and far between, affordable, healthy options are often out of reach. The consequences can be see among the families we serve, who experience higher rates of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Our Nutrition Services Team is actively engaging with healthcare partners across our region to address these connections. Second Harvest Food Bank's health and nutrition intiatives focus on teaching children and families how to shop and eat healthier on a limited budget; providing increased access to fresh fruits and produce; and helping families to apply for Food and Nutrition Service


Feeding Change

We all have a role to play in ending hunger. No one person or organization alone can put an end to hunger, but together, we can.

At Second Harvest, we partner and collaborate to create innovative, meaningful solutions to pressing community issues that impact the food security and health of our region's residents. In all we do, we strive to raise awareness, build public will to end hunger, and spark individual and collective action to people lives and our communities better.

We all have a role to play in creating the kind of communities we want for ourselves, our neighbors, and the future we all share.


Read the stories our community of supporters make possible on our Feeding Community Blog.

Make a difference in the lives of families and in our community: Get involved!


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