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Working together for a Healthy and Hunger-free Northwest North Carolina

Despite reports of an improving economy, far too many of our neighbors are being left behind. Thousands of Northwest North Carolinians are struggling to put adequate food on the table. Too often, food becomes the "fall guy," when bills for other basic needs have to be paid.

Parents are having to choose between buying food or keeping a roof over their families' head. Children are going without enough nutritious food to flourish and succeed in school. Too many seniors are isolated and struggling to meet their nutritional needs.

1 in 6 people living in Northwest North Carolina struggles to afford all of the food they need, while 1 in every 4 children is going without the essential nutrition they need to thrive. This is our community and these are our neighbors— we take that very seriously. The health and vibrancy of individual lives and communities is at stake.

At Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC, we provide essential food assistance through a network of partners and work to educate and engage our communities in the elimination of hunger and it causes.

We are the Feeding America affiliate for 18 Northwest North Carolina counties, serving as a central resource to a network of more than 450 on-the-ground programs for food, funding, nutrition education and advocacy in our communities. Last year alone, our food bank provided more than 25 million nutritious meals though our partner network. These meals went to 300,000 neighbors, including 100,000 children.

Providing essential food assistance is the core of our work. Eliminating hunger requires much more. Read on to learn about the ways we are feeding community together by feeding futures, feeding opportunity, feeding health and feeding change.

Feeding Futures

Feeding Futures

No child should go hungry - ever. Kids need good nutrition all year-long to fuel their young bodies and minds. Research shows that when a child goes without adequate, essential nutrition, it can lead to a lifetime of learning and developmental challenges. At Second Harvest Food Bank, we believe every child deserves a healthy start. Working with our partner programs, local schools and supporters, we provide the nutritious meals that children need to power through their days. Together, we are feeding futures.Learn more about our chidhood hunger programs reaching children in need after school, on weekends during the school year and in the summer months.



Feeding Opportunity

With so many people in Northwest North Carolina still struggling to regain their footing, and others facing challenges that make it difficult to find work, Second Harvest Food Bank is proud of our Triad Community Kitchen Culinary Training Program (TCK). One-of-a kind in our area, this program offers a pathway to gainful employment for individuals in need of a fresh start. Following an intensive culinary and job skills training experience, graduates are ready to enter the workforce in the growing food service industry.

Extended training opportunities for graduates are available through TCK's paid Hospitality Residency Program. The residency takes place at Second Harvest Food Bank's Providence Restaurant and Catering, a unique, non-profit business enterprise, where patrons can enjoy fabulous food and all proceeds support the TCK program. Under the guidance of seasoned culinarians, residency participants learn about all areas of restaurant and catering operations in preparation for higher-paying, leadership roles in the food service industry. Together, with our partners at Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina, Forsyth Technical Community College and employment partners, we are feeding opportunity.


Feeding Health

Feeding Health
At Second Harvest Food Bank, our goal is to do more than simply provide calories. We know that families who are experiencing hunger are more likely to be at higher risk for chronic, diet-related diseases, including diabetes and hypertension. For some, it may be a matter of resources: 84% of people receiving help through our network tell us that they often choose less healthy foods in order to have enough food for the table. For others, it may be a matter of access: They are living in areas where full-service grocers stocked with healthy options are few and far between. Our targeted nutrition intiatives provide increased access to fresh fruits and produce for people living in low-income neighborhoods and food deserts; nutrition classes, workshops and demonstrations that empower families to shop and cook healthy on a budget; customized meal boxes through healthcare settings; Food and Nutrition Services application assistance and more. Together with our partners, we are feeding health.



Feeding Change

We hear about economic progress in the news, yet we see how thousands of our neighbors are still struggling to put food on their tables. Second Harvest Food Bank's network of partner programs works hard to provide healthy food for working families, seniors, disabled individuals, veterans and others who need it, but we cannot be the sole provider of nutritional support for the 1 in 6 Northwest Northwest North Carolinians who are food insecure today.
Poverty, low wages, and rising costs for housing and other basic needs are significant challenges facing our community. These and other factors interplay in the lives our neighbors. Hunger is the symptom. Together with our allies, Second Harvest Food Bank's network works to raise awareness of hunger and advocate for public policies and programs that can help indivduals and families stablize their lives. Together, we are feeding change. Learn about our many community-based collaborations here and about our public policy priorities here.

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Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC is a proud member of Feeding America, a collaborative and coordinated network of more than 200 food banks united nationally and operating locally, serving every community in the nation.








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