Fellowship, like a hot meal, provides comfort.

Roland waits by the door, watching for his friend’s truck. Every second Thursday at noon they pick him up and drive him the five country miles into town. He keeps a tidy house and pays a man to mow his lawn because some things have gotten too hard to do on his own....
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Need Inspiration? Meet Dustin.

29 year old Dustin Freeman is always two steps ahead of his caregiver, LaShay Surratt, when he comes in to Second Harvest Food Bank to volunteer. He greets the Food Bank staff with a huge smile, a big “Hey!” and is ready to work. Many members of the Food Bank family...
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Stone Soup for Empty Bowls

There is a fable about a hungry traveler who arrived in a village where the residents were also hungry. Each thought that they had nothing to spare. From door to door the traveler begged, but no one could spare a meal. Turned away at the last house, the traveler...
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Nothing Says “North Carolina” Like a Sweet Potato

Nothing says "North Carolina" like a sweet potato. And this week, Second Harvest Food Bank is full of them—36,000 pounds of them to be exact. Thanks to the Farm to Food Bank initiative of the North Carolina Association of Feeding America Food Banks and to the NC...
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“Imagine having to buy food after all of that.” Why rent burdened families are often food insecure.

Why are families in Northwest North Carolina food insecure? To understand food insecurity and where it comes from, it is helpful to look at other issues that we know are also impacting already tight family budgets. We reached out to Brett Byerly, the Executive...
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“Mom, I’m Hungry.”

After the New York Times published an article last month questioning what grocery items were being purchased with SNAP benefits, we spoke with a local Northwest North Carolina mother currently relying on SNAP about what she put in her family's grocery cart. Here is...

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