Because We All Eat

Our strategic planning process has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive plan to guide our food bank into the future. We’ve updated our vision and mission statements to reflect the duality of meeting the immediate need for food assistance while working to engage...
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Summer Meals Matter

It is summertime and that means picnics and mountain lake swimming, bar-b-ques and the beach. However, for too many North Carolina families the long days of summer can also mean hunger. During the academic year, the majority of North Carolina kids income-qualify for...
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Summer is Here! What does that mean for children where you live?

School is out for summer across Northwest North Carolina! But for too many children, when school ends, lunches end. Across the 18 counties that Second Harvest Food Bank serves, more than half of all school age children income-qualify to receive free or reduced priced...
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Teachers Know: Nutrition Matters

Small hands and feet move rapidly around Mr. Jenkin’s 3rd grade classroom as children hang up their backpacks and shove curled edge workbooks into their cubbies. Mr. Jenkins is hurrying them along, ducking and weaving between papier-mâché planets hanging from the...
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“Summertime can feel so impossible. I’ve learned that it is okay to ask for help.”

Trenton, like all kids, loves summertime. He loves to ride bikes with his friends, he loves his “summertime” bedtime (9 PM instead of 8:30 PM). He loves to stomp in the small creek that runs on the edge of their neighborhood, using sticks and stones to create dams and...
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Giving Back: Can the Man Van

It was last summer when Jay Callahan came home with his new ride: a used Volkswagan Routan. He strapped car seats into it and looked at it in his drive way. It wasn’t very cool—after all, it was a white minivan. “I’m a man with a van,” he thought to himself. “I guess...

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