Better Boys & Brandywines: Second Harvest Partners with a Stokes County Farmers’ Market to Help Low Income Families Access Healthy Food

Better boy. Green Zebra. Cherokee Purple. Brandywine. The air at King’s Farmers' Market has a distinct and warm vegetable smell. Vendors are selling yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant and, yes, tomatoes: the vegetables of late summer. “How many people are in your...
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From Albermarle to Zebulon: North Carolina Farmers Markets Accept SNAP Benefits.

Freshly picked, in-season produce is at its peak in flavor and nutrition and that is one of the many reasons why North Carolinians shop at farmers' markets in our state. To find in-season produce click here. North Carolina farmers' markets are not only a great source...
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Let’s Get This Conversation Going: Feeding People, the Farm Bill, and North Carolina

Congress is home for summer recess and it is a great time to engage with our local representatives as they continue their work to re-authorize the farm bill, the major federal agriculture and nutrition legislation. The farm bill contains important nutrition programs...
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8 Ways Food Stamps Support North Carolina

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (commonly known as “food stamps”) not only helps families in need, but also supports North Carolina as a whole community in many ways. 1. SNAP Supports Kids: Nearly 43% of North Carolinians enrolled in SNAP are children....
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“Triad Community Kitchen was the new chapter of my story.”

Amber Castillo spent the first half of her life in and out of prison for selling drugs. It seemed that whenever she was released, she would go right back to her old, bad habits. While in prison at the end of 2012, Amber told herself: "this has got to stop." Four...
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Because We All Eat

Our strategic planning process has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive plan to guide our food bank into the future. We’ve updated our vision and mission statements to reflect the duality of meeting the immediate need for food assistance while working to engage...

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Summer Meals Matter

It is summertime and that means picnics and mountain lake swimming, bar-b-ques and the beach. However, for too many North Carolina families the long days of summer can also mean hunger. During the academic year, the majority of North Carolina kids income-qualify for...

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