Month: May 2019

Summer Meals Matter: It’s Okay to Ask for Help.

Trenton, like all kids, loves summertime. He loves to ride bikes with his friends, he loves his “summertime” bedtime (9 PM instead of 8:30 PM). He loves to stomp in the small creek that runs on the edge of their neighborhood, using sticks and stones to create dams and redirect the thin flow of water. He loves to draw on the street in front of their house with chalk. But for his mother, Trisha, summertime is a difficult time to navigate. A home health aide, Trisha keeps running calculations of their expenditures, dollar for dollar, on the back of...

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Feeding Health: Why Fresh Food Matters

Malea, Randolph County Living on a fixed income is never easy. Malea receives just $890 a month. “In June, my medications came to be $700. Now, once things with Medicaid get cleared up it should be less, but medicine will still be one of my biggest expenses,” she explains. “And my doctor tells me all the things I should be eating to make my medicines work right, but I can’t afford any of it.” Malea gets $16 a month in food stamps. “For $16 can buy maybe three meals or keep milk in the house for a couple weeks....

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Blues Food: Second Harvest teams up with the Carolina Blues Festival

“The kitchen is life,” says Atiba Berkley, reflecting on his family and his upbringing. “My family is from NYC by way of the Caribbean and cooking old recipes is a rite of passage. Food is more than just nutrition, it connects us to where we are from and who we are.” “Okra, rice, cornbread, greens & stews all have this consistent thread of the influence from the African Diaspora just like Blues music does,” he continues. “We often create our most vivid memories around food and music.” It was this understanding that inspired Berkley, who is the President of...

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Partnership and Produce

Mebane, North Carolina 6,325 miles. That’s how many miles Second Harvest’s dedicated team puts on their trucks every week, picking up food from 49 grocery stores and 3 distribution centers that might otherwise be thrown away. Today, Robert Branch is wearing his food bank cap and driving his truck east on 1-40, classic rock playing quietly on the radio as he rolls along. His destination today is the Walmart Distribution Center in Mebane, a massive 450,000-square-foot center that distributes perishable food to more than 55 Walmart stores in North Carolina and Virginia. “It’s basically the biggest refrigerator you will...

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Providence Culinary Training Graduate Ebony Spencer is Creating Her Own Sweet Success

“If I had known you were going to take my picture, I would have done my hair!” laughs Ebony Spencer as she walks through the Providence Culinary Training kitchen at Second Harvest. In fact, she looks great. Ebony is intuitively adept at marketing, and presentation is her game. She flips through photos of cakes and cupcakes saved on her phone: they are creative, and sometimes over-the-top, designs, flawlessly executed. Ebony pats her hair to make sure it is in place. “I don’t look like half of what I’ve been through,” she says. It’s true. Ebony has experienced her share...

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