Month: April 2019

Stamp Out Hunger 2019!

This May 11th, From Alaska to Florida, from Maine to Hawaii, to right here in Northwest North Carolina, letter carriers will do double duty– delivering mail and picking up food donations for organizations like Second Harvest. “This is, by leaps and bounds, our biggest one-day food drive of the year,” says Joe Kilar, Food Drive Manager at Second Harvest. “It is astounding: the letter carriers use their routes and logistics to bring an amazing amount of food collected by the community back to the post offices, and volunteers and food bank staff quickly unload their trucks so they can...

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“Feed them well, and let them lead the way.”

The following guest blog post is from Scott Andree Bowen, who works closely with Second Harvest as the Director of Youth and Food Pantry Ministries at Maple Springs United Methodist Church. Scott is also a member of the Winston-Salem Urban Food Policy Council, overseeing the Breakfast in Classroom Task Force. Last night, while driving to my in-laws, the classic Whitney Houston song, “Greatest Love of All”, with its iconic first line, “I believe the children are our future, Teach them well and let them lead the way.” came on the radio. As I drove, my mind began to meditate...

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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Fresh Starts & Full Plates

1) Really amazing food! Sure, all fundraising galas are going to offer you some good things to eat, but at Providence it’s the name of our game! At Fresh Starts & Full Plates you will be able to sample some of the best recipes our restaurants and students have to offer. 2) It’s fun! It’s not your typical “stuffy” gala. If you don’t know us already, rest assured, we are a fun lot to hang out with! That’s probably because people from all over—from all different backgrounds and walks of life—have been attracted to our mission. We do a...

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Soups On! Ever wonder why we serve soup at Empty Bowls?

There is nothing more ordinary than soup; perhaps that is why we are so fond of it. Soup’s comfort is in both its warmth and in its simplicity. It’s a meal that speaks of tradition, of home, and of hope. Historians believe that soup was the original menu item of the very first public restaurants, which opened in 18th-century Paris. The word “restoratifs” (which loosely means that something is “restoring”) was first used in 16th-century France to refer to a highly concentrated, cheap soup sold by street vendors and promoted as a remedy to illness or physical exhaustion. In...

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“I am the boss, but I am also you.” From Providence Student to Executive Chef, Vanessa Lanier Knows the Ropes

The word around the kitchen is that Chef Vanessa is strict and no-nonsense, maybe even a bit of a taskmaster. But after each Providence Culinary Training graduation, the graduates line up to hug her and thank her warmly… every time. “I knew nothing about cooking,” Vanessa Lanier confesses, remembering back 11 years when she was a student herself at Second Harvest Food Bank’s Providence Culinary Training. “I had cooked for my family, but I had no skill worth mentioning to anyone. Chef Bacon was the only teacher in the program then, and he was sure I was going to...

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