Which Necessity is Most Necessary? Paula’s basic needs eat up her fixed income.

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“I didn’t think life would be so hard at this age,” says Paula at a recent visit to a food pantry.

“I spent my career working at the local university. I have a small pension and Social Security, but it’s not nearly enough. I was paid this week, and I’ve already spent most of my money on medication and bills.”

Paula is just one of the thousands of seniors who cannot afford enough nutritious food each month. She never imagined her resources would be stretched to the point of having to choose which necessity is most necessary.

Now at 66 years old, Paula finds herself having to turn to others for help. Like so many seniors who are unable to work and are living on a fixed income, she’s afraid that her savings are not going to stretch very far.

Thankfully, Paula is able to visit a local food pantry to get the vital nutrition she needs. She joins other seniors to pick up groceries provided by Second Harvest, like bread, rice, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Without this pantry, I don’t know what I would do,” she says. “It’s embarrassing and hard to ask for help- but I need it, as do a lot of other people my age.”

Too many seniors in Northwest North Carolina face the threat of hunger. Our state continues to be among the top ten worst for food insecurity amongst our elders– so its no surprise that we are seeing more and more seniors at our partner locations from Davie County to Caswell County, and everywhere in between. Despite a lifetime of hard work, their fixed incomes simply cannot keep up with rising prices.

With your help, we can ensure that these seniors never have to skip a meal, make unthinkable choices between medicine or nutrition, or sacrifice other basic needs simply to put food on their table.


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