Month: March 2019

Muffins and Mission: A Providence graduate and his father create a special ministry

The Providence Culinary Training (PCT) kitchen at Second Harvest Food Bank is very, very busy. Eggs, flour, sugar, and spices are being passed around huge stainless steel tables, and teams are carefully measuring their ingredients into large bowls. A young woman uses a whisk, perhaps for the first time, and grins widely. A young man claps after stirring his batter. The entire kitchen feels happy, joyous. Soon, the kitchen is going to fill with the warm smell of baking, cinnamon, nutmeg. This is Grace by Providence, a cooking class for special needs young adults. At the center of it...

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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss Empty Bowls this Year

One. You can choose your date. Of course, you have always been able to choose who you go with, but now you can choose when to go. We are bringing back the Empty Bowls Dinner in addition to the traditional luncheon because your schedule is, well, busy. Two. The Handmade in North Carolina Silent Auction. Beautiful pottery. Wine. Gift baskets. Handmade jewelry… all featuring the best local artists from throughout the 18 counties that Second Harvest serves. Three. You can wear your dancing shoes. We are bringing back the North Carolina-based and very talented one-man-band Adam Pitts as our...

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“Hardships are why we succeed.” Women, especially mothers, shine at Providence Culinary Training.

“I love that it has to be just so,” Mary Moore says, smiling and running her hands over the tablecloth, smoothing it. “Just perfect.” Mary is sitting in a beam of sunlight in Second Harvest’s Providence Restaurant in Winston-Salem, taking a short break from her duties back-of-the-house. A graduate of Second Harvest’s Providence Culinary Training, Mary knew she wanted to work at Providence the first time she and her classmates visited. Now she is finishing up the two-year Hospitality Residency Program at the restaurant, and she is learning the ins and outs of the industry. She has a very...

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See a Need, Fill It: County Outreach Ministry fills in gaps in Caswell County

“You’re late,” chides Alice Robinson, straight-faced, looking at the man who just came through the door. “Am I?” he asks, kicking mud off his boots and looking around for a clock. “No, I just wanted to say that,” Alice giggles, her laughter chiming across the room. “I’m just teasing you! You are right on time!” She walks across the room to greet him. “Right on time.” Other volunteers chuckle and shake their heads as they pack oranges into bags. Yanceyville, North Carolina To get to Yanceyville, you drive a long way along Highway 158. It’s still early in the...

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“It can be frustrating to be struggling so much at my age, but I’m alright.”

“I have this little bug called lung cancer,” Jim explains. “It’s been rough.” His “bug” doesn’t stop him, however. Even when he doesn’t feel well, he tries every day to make it up to the veteran’s center to volunteer. A Navy veteran with years under his belt at sea, Jim isn’t used to staying still. Today is his first day using the food pantry, however. He has known about it a long time, volunteered right next to it, probably suggested to other veterans like himself that they go get themselves a box of food. “I decided to try it...

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