Month: March 2019

See a Need, Fill It: County Outreach Ministry fills in gaps in Caswell County

“You’re late,” chides Alice Robinson, straight-faced, looking at the man who just came through the door. “Am I?” he asks, kicking mud off his boots and looking around for a clock. “No, I just wanted to say that,” Alice giggles, her laughter chiming across the room. “I’m just teasing you! You are right on time!” She walks across the room to greet him. “Right on time.” Other volunteers chuckle and shake their heads as they pack oranges into bags. Yanceyville, North Carolina To get to Yanceyville, you drive a long way along Highway 158. It’s still early in the...

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“It can be frustrating to be struggling so much at my age, but I’m alright.”

“I have this little bug called lung cancer,” Jim explains. “It’s been rough.” His “bug” doesn’t stop him, however. Even when he doesn’t feel well, he tries every day to make it up to the veteran’s center to volunteer. A Navy veteran with years under his belt at sea, Jim isn’t used to staying still. Today is his first day using the food pantry, however. He has known about it a long time, volunteered right next to it, probably suggested to other veterans like himself that they go get themselves a box of food. “I decided to try it...

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Feeding Health: St. Patricks Day Recipes

Every day, Second Harvest’s Nutrition Services team heads out across the 18 counties that we serve, teaching cooking classes, nutrition classes, and sharing recipes. We know that hunger is a serious health issue in the communities we serve not just because of a lack of calories, but because of inconsistent access to healthy, nutritious and adequate food. Sometimes, we are able to track down our nutritionists and get them to share some recipes with you! Here are some seasonal recipes that are healthy and low-cost. Shephard’s Pie An Irish tradition, and a healthy one too! Serves 4. Ingredients •...

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Which Necessity is Most Necessary? Paula’s basic needs eat up her fixed income.

“I didn’t think life would be so hard at this age,” says Paula at a recent visit to a food pantry. “I spent my career working at the local university. I have a small pension and Social Security, but it’s not nearly enough. I was paid this week, and I’ve already spent most of my money on medication and bills.” Paula is just one of the thousands of seniors who cannot afford enough nutritious food each month. She never imagined her resources would be stretched to the point of having to choose which necessity is most necessary. Now at...

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TAKE ACTION: Second Harvest Statement on USDA Rules Change

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina is deeply concerned that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues to push a policy that will take essential and basic nutrition away from people struggling with food insecurity and that ignores the market forces that make food insecurity a reality for too many of our neighbors. The USDA’s proposed rule would restrict states’ ability to waive time limits on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in high unemployment areas, removing an estimated 8.5 billion meals over the next decade from the tables of some of the most vulnerable in...

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