10 Heart Healthy Food Items to Donate

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Because many of our partner programs at Second Harvest serve at-risk populations, focusing on the distribution of healthy, fresh food is of vital importance. It is a sad truth that heart disease is the leading cause of death for Americans. Food insecurity only heightens this risk: individuals with low food security have increased incidents of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Second Harvest works hard to promote healthy, fresh food across our service area, and your donations of healthy, nutritious food can help!

Ten Heart Healthy Foods to Donate to a Food Drive:

1. Fatty fish such as canned tuna or salmon in water

2. Dried herbs/spices

3. Canned fruit in 100% juice or water

4. Brown rice

5. Dry beans or canned low-sodium beans

6. Peanut butter or almond butter (low-sodium and low-sugar)

7. Cooking oils such as olive oil or canola oil)

8. Oats, quick cooking or old-fashioned

9. Tomato sauce (low or no-sodium)

10. Whole wheat pasta


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