Month: January 2019

Federal Shutdown Updates: SNAP, School Meals, Federal Employees

The Federal Government shutdown is creating hardship for local federal workers who are not receiving paychecks and is bringing into question funding for vital programs that impact the communities Second Harvest serves every day. In this blog post, we will make updates related to the shutdown and its potential local impact as they are available. How the shutdown could impact your SNAP (“Food Stamps”) benefits • Food stamps/SNAP benefits will be loaded onto your accounts on or around January 20th. These are your FEBRUARY benefits– they are NOT additional or extra benefits. We want everyone to be aware of...

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Paycheck to Paycheck: The Government Shutdown Reminds Us How Most Americans Live

A mother sits at her kitchen table, a pile of bills before her: The water bill, the electrical bill, the daycare payment, the rent note. She is writing out the checks, maybe she is paying some online, but she is being careful with the dates on those checks—trying to make sure they line up with times when there will be money in her checking account. Sometimes, no matter how you date it, it just doesn’t add up. This scene is not an anomaly in America: As many as 78% of Americans working full time live paycheck to paycheck (Source:...

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5 Ways Your New Years Resolutions Can Help End Hunger

The New Year is an opportunity to take stock of our lives and of our community. For many of us, we reflect on our habits — good and bad — and make decisions about the ways we want to challenge ourselves in next 12 months. Perhaps we will go to bed earlier, read more books, learn a new language or write more letters. Each personal resolution we make is to help us move more into ourselves; into being the person we know ourselves to be. We can also make community resolutions. We can make personal decisions about what we...

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