“We all need to help each other sometimes.”

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Every parent takes pride in putting food on the table and watching their children grow.

But it wasn’t long ago that a major heart attack that turned Chuck’s life upside down. Unable to work the long hours he had been putting in as an emergency dispatcher, he and his wife moved back to the small North Carolina town where Chuck grew up, into the house his grandfather had built. He accepted a job for a humbling wage of $7.50 an hour.

With three children, Chuck and his family turned to a local food pantry for help. “It was difficult at first, but I started seeing other families I recognized,” he said, “and began to realize that old stereotypes I held about those who need help simply weren’t as they seemed.”

The few extra bags of groceries made the difference for Chuck and his family so they did not have to choose between keeping the mortgage paid, the heat on, or the children fed. “Slowly, we began to get our feet back under us,” he said. “Things still aren’t easy though.”

Between work, family and illness, Chuck manages to volunteer with his daughter Clarissa at the local food pantry every month—in fact, that is where they will be this holiday. “I hope that she learns, like I did, that we all need to help each other sometimes.”

Will you be the reason a family like Chuck’s shares a meal together this holiday season? If you can, we invite you to support our work here.


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