Month: October 2018

“It’s People Just Like Me.” SNAP makes the difference for local families.

Jenny Hudson’s house is a tidy ranch on a cul-de-sac. Wildflowers and hostas edge the walkway, and the car in the driveway has one sticker on its bumper: Meals On Wheels. “He is just so sweet. Sweet as can be.” Jenny has a way of saying things twice for emphasis, to make sure you got it. Her voice is melodic and kind and so you feel as if you could happily listen to her say everything twice all the time. She is talking about a man who stays at the homeless shelter where she works. “Every Saturday, he goes...

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Second Harvest Food Bank: 36 Years of Feeding Community

133 billion pounds of food is wasted every year, yet 42 million Americans do not get enough nutritious food to eat to lead healthy, productive lives. It was those contrasting realities that led to an innovation that we now call “food banking”—non-profit regional hubs equipped to solicit, inventory, inspect, store and distribute food to food pantries, community meal sites, and other nonprofits feeding their local communities. Northwest North Carolina is an agricultural region, with farmers growing nutritious produce from the apples of Alexander County to sweet corn in Rockingham, and with food retailers, manufacturers, and distributors from Burlington all...

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We Love Our Volunteers: Second Harvest 2018 Volunteer Awards

Every year, we gather for an evening to celebrate our volunteers who give so much to us, so frequently. Second Harvest volunteers engage with our mission in a variety of ways, but the focal point of our volunteers is to make sure that the food we are rescuing or having donated to us is safe and fit to be sent out. This means that our volunteers spend hours inspecting food packaging, labels, and expiration dates and carefully packaging it to be sent out to our partners across Northwest North Carolina. They sort food, they inspect eggs, they haul boxes,...

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