5 Reasons You Should Run the Empty Bowls 5k Crit this Weekend

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  1. Music and beer. Run the course and then enjoy a complimentary beer from Winston-Salem’s newest brewery, Incendiary Brewing Company and stay for the Gears and Guitars 6 PM bands! There will be food trucks and beer tents and everything you need to congratulate yourself after your race.
  2. The course. The Empty Bowls 5k is run on the exact same course that the professional cyclists are competing on! Usually you would get in a bunch of trouble for wandering out on the race track, but if you are a part of the run you get to follow the same route as the cyclists!
  3. It’s a fun way to get your family involved. This family-friendly race is all about feeding kids this summer… so why not get the kids involved? It’s never, ever too soon for them to learn about how to get involved.
  4. There is so much going on! The Empty Bowls 5k Crit Run is part of a jam-packed weekend of Winston-Salem excitement, starting with the Gears and Guitars concert Friday night and continuing through Monday when international cyclists will compete.
  5. Because you care. When you run the Empty Bowls 5k, you are feeding families. Every dollar raised provides meals to local families in need, cooking and nutrition classes in the community, and advocacy on behalf of Northwest North Carolinians who are struggling to make ends meet. Learn more about Second Harvest and the work we do here.



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