Month: May 2018

5 Reasons You Should Run the Empty Bowls 5k Crit this Weekend

Music and beer. Run the course and then enjoy a complimentary beer from Winston-Salem’s newest brewery, Incendiary Brewing Company and stay for the Gears and Guitars 6 PM bands! There will be food trucks and beer tents and everything you need to congratulate yourself after your race. The course. The Empty Bowls 5k is run on the exact same course that the professional cyclists are competing on! Usually you would get in a bunch of trouble for wandering out on the race track, but if you are a part of the run you get to follow the same route...

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“They can’t solve the problem… but we can.”

“What’s the saying? Shoot for the sky and you might hit the ceiling?” Joey Motsey smiles a broad grin and laughs a little; he switches his hands and now, with his left hand, punches the speed bag in front of him while shaking out a cramp in his right. His eyes glance over to a huge digital clock a few feet way: 5 hours and 37 minutes. He returns his focus on the bag. Only 49 hours and some change to go. Joey is attempting to break the Guinness World Record Marathon for hitting a punching bag. His goal...

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“What’s not okay is for my kids to be hungry.”

“During the school year, I can provide enough, but in the summer it gets frightening,” says Teresa, looking at her two children as they do their homework. “It seems to cost me ten times more to feed them when they are not receiving free breakfast and lunch at school.” To make up for it, Teresa says her family used to skip breakfast and then she would feed her children what she had for lunch. “It’s stressful, really stressful.” Teresa works full time to support her kids, but even combining food stamps and her income, she says that they usually...

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Southern Traditions: Blues and Food

From Sonny Terry’s “Custard Pie Blues” to James Cotton’s “Digging My Potatoes,” the Blues and Southern food have always been deeply intertwined. The Piedmont Blues Preservation Society celebrates the Blues at the Carolina Blues Festival every spring, but this year they are additionally celebrating the culinary and craft legacy of the Blues by supporting regional local food entrepreneurs and artisans– while also shining a light on food insecurity in our communities. “There are several reasons why the Carolina Blues Festival is important,” says Atiba Berkley, President of the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society. “It celebrates the wonderful legacy of the Black...

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2018 Farm Bill – Statement from Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC CEO Clyde W. Fitzgerald, Jr.

In my 36 years of food banking, communities across Northwest North Carolina have shown incredible support for our mission. From our donors to our volunteers to our elected officials, that support has come from people from all walks of life, from all faith backgrounds, and has crossed partisan lines to create a universal mandate: all people deserve to eat. It is disheartening that the House Agriculture Committee ignored this mandate as well as the testimony of over 60 experts, program participants and government officials who testified to the importance and effectiveness of SNAP food assistance. The proposals put forth...

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