Month: March 2018

5 Ways to Use Frozen Corn

This post was contributed by Second Harvest Food Bank’s Nutrition Services Manager, Kina M. Charles, MS, RDN, LDN. To learn more about our Nutrition Services program and the services Second Harvest offers to our partner network and our community, click here. Frozen corn is a great vegetable to incorporate into any meal or side dish; it adds a touch of sweetness to the dish it complements. It’s quick and easy to prepare—no washing or chopping needed (what a time saver!), plus it’s versatile and delicious. There are many ways to prepare frozen corn—baking, roasting, steaming, microwaving or even thawing...

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Why I Volunteer At Empty Bowls by Sarah Stitzel

I’ve been a part of Second Harvest’s Empty Bowls fundraiser in one way or another for the past seven years. First as a guest, then as a volunteer, then a planning committee member and now volunteer chair. My initial involvement came because a friend invited me along, and who doesn’t love a good cause and some pretty pottery as a bonus? But I got so much more from that first Empty Bowls event – I not only learned about a real need in our community to help people who are food insecure, but I also found an amazing community...

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TEFAP: From Farms to Food Banks to Families in Need

It’s Friday afternoon and the warehouse at Second Harvest is hopping. Two teams of volunteers roll up their sleeves and line up down rows of food, watching the approaching pallet jack dragged by their teammates. As it is pulled past them, they check off inventory sheets and load up the specified boxes: 10 cases of green beans, 15 cases rice, 30 cases tomato sauce. Next stop: 10 cases peanut butter, 14 cases flour. At the end of the line is a “wrapper”—a volunteer who, sometimes dizzily, runs circles around the packed pallet, wrapping it in plastic to hold the...

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“They are seniors like me.”

“What comes to mind is thankful and appreciative.” Rebecca Brooks leans forward in her chair to make sure to look you in the eye; she looks at you in a gentle way that makes you know that she is trying to connect with you, hear you and be heard. She is a volunteer here at Pastor’s Pantry in Lexington, North Carolina. Volunteering, she says, gives her exercise and helps “keep my mind sharp.” And, like so many volunteers at Second Harvest partner programs such as this one, Rebecca Brooks is also a client. Rebecca Brook’s story is by no...

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“Don’t burn the bridges that took you across.”

It’s always heartwarming when someone who turned to our partner network during a time of need gets back on their feet. It’s even more encouraging when that person returns to support our mission. Donna, a former client and current volunteer, embodies Second Harvest’s spirit of hope, change and community. Donna’s mother used to say, “Don’t burn the bridge that took you across, because you might need to cross again.” For Donna, that bridge was a local food pantry. They helped her access nutritious food her doctor said she needed to eat for her heart condition—food that she could not...

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