Month: March 2018

“Poor people deserve to eat and eat well.”

The following was written for Second Harvest Food Bank by Taylor Chapman about her experiences with food insecurity as a child. Taylor is the Program Associate at Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation and lives in Greensboro, North Carolina. The photo above was taken of Taylor and her family in Shelby, North Carolina, in the mid-1990s. The first time I realized my family was food insecure was when, as a child, our local church sent groceries home with me to give to my family. This was also the first time I learned that being given food for free, even if you...

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Farm Bill 101: What it is and why we need your help

This year, you are going to hear food bankers talking about the Farm Bill… a lot. At first blush, you might wonder what the Farm Bill has to do with our work. It’s not just that we love farmers (we really, really do), but it’s also because the Farm Bill covers some of the most important programs that address food insecurity, and help people in our communities navigate through difficult times. The Farm Bill is up for re-authorization in 2018, and therefore all parts of it are up for debate. The bill sets U.S. food and farm priorities by...

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Nikki Miller-Ka is Coming to Empty Bowls. Are you?

Nikki Miller-Ka is a professional food blogger and food critic based in Winston-Salem. She writes and bites about local and regional restaurant trends, food organizations, food producers and everything culinary on her blog, Nik Snacks ( and her bimonthly Casual Dining column in the Greensboro News & Record. She also is a big fan of Second Harvest’s Empty Bowls, where she can be found volunteering every year. She wrote this blog post of us about her commitment to food, to our mission and to Empty Bowls. These empty bowls are the reason why I volunteer with Second Harvest Food...

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