Month: February 2018

Unpacking BackPacks: Addressing Stigma for Food Insecure Teens

On a recent February afternoon, social workers, school counselors, teachers, and church leaders from throughout Northwest North Carolina gathered around the long tables of Second Harvest’s meeting room. “Are they self-conscious about it? Of course they are! In middle school they are self-conscious about everything!” That is how the conversation started. The question before the group today was stigma: the stigma associated with receiving food assistance for middle and high school students. Second Harvest helps to provide food and coordination to 112 BackPack programs across Northwest North Carolina— these programs provide nutritious, kid-friendly foods for children to take home...

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Getting Food to Seniors: A Bingo game in High Point becomes the perfect place to reach seniors in need

“0-77…1-17…G-49… G-25… B-7.” The room at Macedonia Family Resource Center in High Point, NC, is hushed as 10 seniors listen to the caller and move pinto beans over the squares on their Bingo cards. “Bingo!” says an elderly lady, looking up at the others, grinning. “Again?” says a gentleman in a flannel shirt, laughing. “I think her card is rigged!” Every Thursday afternoon a group of seniors take the Housing Authority bus from Elm Towers in downtown High Point to Macedonia to play a full two hours of bingo before they collect bags of food from the onsite food...

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5 Myths About Hunger in Northwest North Carolina

What does hunger look like in North Carolina? It is not always visible, and when you do see it… it might not look like what you would think. Unlike the vivid images of famine in third world countries, hunger plays out more subtly and privately in the lives of thousands of Northwest North Carolinians: It plays out quietly in classrooms, as children try to keep up with their lessons. It plays out in the homes of seniors, as they sacrifice meals to afford medications they need. It plays out in hushed conversations between parents, as they try to stretch...

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Nothing Should Be Seen As Waste: Reclaiming food… and flowers?

This blog entry was written by Ashley Bonner, Agency Relations Coordinator for Second Harvest Food Bank. We asked her what her favorite donation is at Second Harvest, and she surprised us with her answer. Read on to learn more! When you hear our name–Second Harvest Food Bank– you rightly think of food and the issue of hunger within our community. Food: that’s who we are, that’s what we do. Second Harvest works with our partner programs to address–and hopefully erase– hunger in our communities. At every turn we want to increase our partner program’s access to fresh and healthy...

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Discovery: Diving Deep and Asking Questions

Recently, a small van filled with senior citizens from High Point were headed on a Senior Resources of Guilford County outing to a candy store. Ellen Whitlock, of Senior Resources, learned that one gentleman–who had insisted on coming on the trip–attended but never went into the store. “It turns out that he just wanted to drive somewhere to see something new. He just wanted to ride in the van,” she says. Anecdotally, we know that isolation and lack of access to transportation are large barriers to food access for seniors in our area. We also know that our local...

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