Six Things You Might Not Know About Your SNAP Benefits

by | Jan 23, 2018 | #feedinghealth | 0 comments

1. You can make your benefits grow! FNS/SNAP benefits can used to purchase seeds and plants to grow food! To find a retailer near you that welcomes SNAP EBT customers, use the SNAP Retailer Locator.

2. Using your benefits can help support the local economy! For every $5.00 in FNS (Food Stamp Benefits) spent, the local economy is infused with the equivalent of $9.20 in economic activity.

3. You can use your benefits to support local farmers. There are farmers’ markets in nearly every one of our 18-county region that will take EBT as payment, and many markets match dollar-for-dollar EBT (some up to $15.00!) For a list of farmer’s markets that accept EBT/SNAP/FNS, click here.

4. Buying healthy food with your benefits will make you stronger and more competitive in the marketplace. Research has shown that employees who have enough food to eat are more-productive at their jobs, and take fewer sick days, which is a boon to employers and our overall economy—and of course to YOU!

5. Have you considered fish? In North Carolina, SNAP recipients qualify to have their fishing license fee waived, giving you access to another nutritious food source. Learn more about how to qualify for a fishing license subsistence waiver here.

6. Your benefits can help your children thrive and LEARN. The highest percentage of FNS recipients are children; using your benefits to buy fresh vegetables and healthy protein rich foods helps create a foundation off of which your children can grow and learn… that is why the NC Aquariums offer a discounted rate to families who can show their EBT card and ID. Learn more here.


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