Month: January 2018

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

This blog post was written by Michael Barry, Second Harvest’s Food Drive Coordinator and our in-house Peanut Butter Aficionado. Read on to learn about the joys of peanut butter, why it is a good food to donate to food drives, and about other excellent healthy foods that can help families in need. Like other Food Banks around the country, here at Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina we received literal tons of food donations during the holiday season. Each and every one of those donations will be important in bringing much needed relief to those facing food...

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Six Things You Might Not Know About Your SNAP Benefits

1. You can make your benefits grow! FNS/SNAP benefits can used to purchase seeds and plants to grow food! To find a retailer near you that welcomes SNAP EBT customers, use the SNAP Retailer Locator. 2. Using your benefits can help support the local economy! For every $5.00 in FNS (Food Stamp Benefits) spent, the local economy is infused with the equivalent of $9.20 in economic activity. 3. You can use your benefits to support local farmers. There are farmers’ markets in nearly every one of our 18-county region that will take EBT as payment, and many markets match...

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Three Ways to Help Kids at Risk of Hunger on Snow Days

School cancellations, especially when they stretch into several days in a row, can force families to choose between paying utility or medical bills and having enough food. That is because in nearly all of the counties that Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina serves, the majority of school aged children income-qualify for free or reduced priced meals at school. And many families have already factored that help into their monthly budgets. Low income families can be hit hard during the days children are unexpectedly home from school. Not only do food costs increase, so do childcare costs:...

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Snow Days Can Mean Hungry Days

Winter in the South can be cold and muddy. So when the snow falls, blanketing the ground and blessing the tree limbs with fresh white, all our hearts skip a beat. It is simply beautiful. But for many North Carolinian children, snow days mean hungry days. Across the 18 Northwest North Carolina counties that Second Harvest Food Bank serves, 1 in 4 children are food insecure–meaning they do not have reliable access to healthy, nutritious food to fuel their growing bodies and minds. While many of us crowd the grocery store checkout lanes buying bread and milk for our...

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New Years Resolution: Reduce Your Food Waste

Soy and corn. Pork and poultry. Sweet potatoes. North Carolina is an agricultural state through and through. In addition to our large and well known commodities, we have an increasingly robust small farm and local foods network. We are in the land of plenty. But in all this bounty, it is estimated that 40% of food produced in the United States goes to waste. About half of our fruits and vegetables go uneaten each year. Waste is found at all levels of the food economy: from the farmers fields to processing plants to retail stores. Second Harvest works at...

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