Month: November 2017


“Unacceptable.” That’s what Joyce Kohfeldt thought to herself when she learned how many children in Northwest North Carolina go hungry. “This is unacceptable,” she told Daisy Rodriguez, Director of Childhood Hunger Programs, when she called Second Harvest Food Bank to ask what she could do. “Childhood hunger is unacceptable,” she told her pastor at Epiphany Lutheran in Winston-Salem when she asked for the church’s support to start a backpack program at a local school. A retired educator, school administrator and small business owner, Joyce’s passion has always been helping to make sure children have what they need to learn...

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Feeding Fresh: Tyson Foods makes a lead gift to help increase Second Harvest produce distribution

Yesterday, the Tyson Foods team traveled all the way from Wilkesboro to Winston-Salem in order to lend a hand to process the donations that are rolling in here at Second Harvest from our holiday food drives! While the Tyson team was sorting dry food items yesterday, there’s an exciting plan to make some big, transformational changes to the very space they were working in… and they are helping to make that change possible. Last year, Second Harvest moved 2.8 million pounds of produce through our warehouses and out to families and communities where it is needed most. We believe...

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“Tell me how far you can stretch that?” Veteran and Poet Lavinia Jackson Asks the Hard Questions.

This Veterans Day, we are each thinking of the veterans who have given so much to our great state and great nation. Unfortunately, too many veterans face poverty and food insecurity. Lavinia Jackson, a veteran advocate and poet based out of the Triad, issues this important reminder of difficult journey faced by many veterans and of our deep responsibility to serve those who served us. Veterans, no matter the branch, all begin with basic training. We take an oath and spend weeks learning skills. More than road marches and cadences, we learn to depend. We expect order. We aren’t...

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“Thank you for your service, Corporal.”

“Thank you for your service, Corporal.” Glenn O’Shea makes a point of greeting the veterans coming to the community meal at Grace Episcopal Church by their rank. “It’s a matter of respect,” he explains. “A matter of gratitude.” Last spring, O’Shea and other representatives of Second Harvest partner network agencies were gathered together at North Lexington Baptist Church for a Member Agency Council meeting, drinking coffee and discussing the work they each do in their pantries, community meals, and other feeding programs in Davidson County. In Davidson County, over 38% of residents are low income, and many, many are...

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Good Neighbors: Food Lion Feeds Lifts Our Network

It’s the type of community where you might well be told to “Turn by the oak tree up by the old Harris’ farm” by way of directions. Shady Grove United Methodist Church is surrounded by small residential neighborhoods and farm fields. And every 2nd Monday of the month, Shady Grove’s pastor and volunteers open the doors to the Shady Grove UMC Food Pantry and welcome their community in. Second Harvest works with and provides food to over 470 partner programs, many of which are just like Caswell County’s Shady Grove United Methodist Church: small, volunteer-run and grassroots operations. They...

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