Let’s Get This Conversation Going: Feeding People, the Farm Bill, and North Carolina

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Congress is home for summer recess and it is a great time to engage with our local representatives as they continue their work to re-authorize the farm bill, the major federal agriculture and nutrition legislation.

The farm bill contains important nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, often called Food Stamps) and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). The farm bill gets reauthorized every 5 years. The current farm bill expires in September of 2018. NOW is the time to make sure our priorities for the bill are heard!

Check out Second Harvest Food Banks Legislative Priorities here.

Learn more about the farm bill and why you should get involved here.

Here are some example tweets about SNAP for you to use during the August Recess. Tag your Member of Congress!

1. SNAP helped lift 340,000 North Carolinians from poverty in 2016. Support a strong #FarmBill & support #SNAP #feedingchange #SNAPmatters

2. For every $1 of SNAP benefits spent, roughly $1.73 is added to the local economy. #SNAPmatters #feedingchange

3. Nearly 43% of North Carolinians enrolled in SNAP are children. #SNAPmatters #feedingchange

4. A 10% cut in SNAP funds would result in the loss of 3,372 North Carolina jobs. #SNAPmatters #feedingchange

5. SNAP Supports Retailers: More than 10% of all spending on food to be eaten at home comes from SNAP spending. #SNAPmatters #feedingchange

Here are some example tweets about TEFAP for you to use during the August Recess. Tag your Member of Congress!

1. Our nation suffers when 1 in 8 struggle with hunger. #TEFAP feeds our nation and helps end hunger for all. Learn more at: http://bit.ly/2unPfKX

2. Thanks to #TEFAP @nwncfoodbank is able to provide millions of meals to families struggling with hunger. Increase TEFAP now! http://bit.ly/2unPfKX

3. TEFAP is the backbone is the backbone of the charitable food system & nearly 20% of the food distributed- Increase #TEFAP funding now http://bit.ly/2unPfKX

4. For years, Congress has appropriated only half of TEFAP authorized. We must increase TEFAP to feed our most vulnerable. http://bit.ly/2unPfKX

Find your Member of Congress Here.


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