Month: August 2017

Schools See It Every Day: Childhood Hunger and the Impact on Education

It is back to school time across Northwest North Carolina and children from Taylorsville to Traphill and from Statesville to Sandy Ridge are returning to classes for another year of learning and playing. As kids clamor into their new classrooms, find their desks and settle in, we at Second Harvest reflect on the incredible and devoted work of teachers and school staff as they care for and teach our community’s children. And—perhaps because it is our mission work or perhaps because we witness daily the need so significantly—we feel a special gratitude to the humble work of those in...

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Second Harvest Welcomes Eric Aft as Chief Operating Officer

Eric Aft has joined Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC as our Chief Operating Officer, a transitional position established in advance of the planned retirement of CEO Clyde W. Fitzgerald, Jr. in June of 2018 to ensure a seamless transition in executive leadership forthe organization. Fitzgerald, who has served at the helm of Second Harvest Food Bank for nearly nine years and overseen tremendous growth in the reach and impact of the organization said Aft is joining the organization at an exciting time in its long and accomplished history. “We have just completed a comprehensive, strategic planning process,”...

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Better Boys & Brandywines: Second Harvest Partners with a Stokes County Farmers’ Market to Help Low Income Families Access Healthy Food

Better boy. Green Zebra. Cherokee Purple. Brandywine. The air at King’s Farmers’ Market has a distinct and warm vegetable smell. Vendors are selling yellow squash, zucchini, eggplant and, yes, tomatoes: the vegetables of late summer. “How many people are in your household?” asks Sonsera Kiger, Second Harvest’s Food and Nutrition Services Outreach Coordinator. “Well, it is me and my three children, and right now I have my grandson with me,” a woman says, gesturing to the infant she is bouncing on her knee and trying to keep shaded from the hot sun. “And I am disabled,” she adds. Second...

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From Albermarle to Zebulon: North Carolina Farmers Markets Accept SNAP Benefits.

Freshly picked, in-season produce is at its peak in flavor and nutrition and that is one of the many reasons why North Carolinians shop at farmers’ markets in our state. To find in-season produce click here. North Carolina farmers’ markets are not only a great source of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy food, they are also a wonderful way to support local farmers and the local economy. Through recent efforts both locally and nationally, more and more farmers’ markets are accepting SNAP benefits (also known as food stamps), increasing food insecure families’ access to nutritious foods while creating...

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Let’s Get This Conversation Going: Feeding People, the Farm Bill, and North Carolina

Congress is home for summer recess and it is a great time to engage with our local representatives as they continue their work to re-authorize the farm bill, the major federal agriculture and nutrition legislation. The farm bill contains important nutrition programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, often called Food Stamps) and The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). The farm bill gets reauthorized every 5 years. The current farm bill expires in September of 2018. NOW is the time to make sure our priorities for the bill are heard! Check out Second Harvest Food Banks Legislative Priorities...

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