Because We All Eat

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Our strategic planning process has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive plan to guide our food bank into the future. We’ve updated our vision and mission statements to reflect the duality of meeting the immediate need for food assistance while working to engage the communities we serve in addressing the root causes of hunger. Accordingly, this is a particularly appropriate time to reiterate Second Harvest Food Bank’s longstanding approach to the important work of feeding our community.

We North Carolinians are as diverse as our state’s great landscape: we are different in our cultures, in our faiths, and in our identities.

But we—each and every one of us—will always be the same in that we need to eat.

Poverty and its companion, hunger, do not know boundaries; and neither does the compassion of our food bank. Northwest North Carolina has been hit particularly hard in the past few years with job loss, un- and underemployment, stagnant wages and other hardships. As a result, one in six of our neighbors is food insecure and one in four of our children go to bed hungry.

We know that the families who turn to the Second Harvest Food Bank network come from diverse life experiences and backgrounds. While we will always extend our empathy to the hardships that are unique to each individual and to each family, the mission of Second Harvest Food Bank mandates we care for all of our neighbors in need.

We know that food insecurity takes a physical toll on the families we serve, but it also takes an emotional toll. When a family is facing uncertainty around where their next meal will come from, we do not wish to add any further uncertainty or instability to their situation. Thus, we believe and mandate that everyone, regardless of their citizenship status, race, religion, sex, ancestry, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, military or veteran status needs, deserves and will receive access to healthy, nutritious food from Second Harvest and our network of partner agencies. Simply put, we feed people who need to eat.

We believe that all people should be able to access food without being put at risk and we are committed to eliminating barriers, real and perceived, to food assistance within our network. Second Harvest will remain an open, inclusive and compassionate friend of everyone in northwest North Carolina who finds themselves in need of food assistance.

Because we all need to eat.


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