Teachers Know: Nutrition Matters

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Small hands and feet move rapidly around Mr. Jenkin’s 3rd grade classroom as children hang up their backpacks and shove curled edge workbooks into their cubbies. Mr. Jenkins is hurrying them along, ducking and weaving between papier-mâché planets hanging from the ceiling. Neptune has fallen and he places it on top of a file cabinet.

On a table near the door sits a large, red insulated cooler. Children reach inside to pick up small cartons of milk and strawberry yogurt. Sitting in small chairs around a big round table, they eat the school-provided breakfast, making plans for playing basketball at recess. “We have to get through math before we can go outside,” Mr. Jenkins chides them.

As the children settle into their morning routines, Mr. Jenkins zips up the left over breakfast food into the cooler and puts it by the door. A small boy follows him to the door, watching him. “Mr. Jenkins, what happens to the leftover food?” he asks.

Mr. Jenkins replies that it goes back to the cafeteria. The boy begins to walk away but then turns. “Do you think I could take some home to my little brother? He isn’t in school yet.”

“I will ask,” Mr. Jenkins assures the boy, and ushers him back to his seat.

This story was shared with one of Second Harvest’s staff members by her child’s third grade teacher. But we know that classroom’s like Mr. Jenkins exist all over Northwest North Carolina. In fact, in most of the counties served by Second Harvest, more than half of all school children receive free or low cost school meals to round out their diets. When summer comes, Mr. Jenkins and his colleagues are left wondering … what will these children eat?

Second Harvest operates 26 summer meal sites in 6 counties in Northwest North Carolina, designed to fill the summer meal gap that too many local children face. Additionally, we help our 460 local on-the-ground partners across 18 counties stock their pantry shelves as they prepare for the additional requests for help from families.

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