Month: May 2017

Feeding Health at the Food Bank Garden

It is early April and Ellen Kirby is standing in a field of rye and vetch surveying the land. It is a cold spring afternoon and a steady wind is blowing, creating ripples in the cover crops. Ellen and fellow volunteer Patsy Dwiggins are thrilled that the rye and vetch have taken. These cover crops will be plowed under in the next week or so, adding vital nutrients to the soil. For almost 20 years, these three large fields behind Crossnore School near downtown Winston-Salem have been producing food for Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina. Known...

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Take Action: Protect families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

Last Friday, the NC Senate approved the state’s budget bill. Part of that bill includes plans to cut 133,000 people—51,000 of whom are children – from Food and Nutrition Services. Second Harvest Food Bank sees, every day, the important, stabilizing impact that FNS has on families as they work to regain their footing through an uneven economic recovery. The proposed bill will further jeopardize the health and stability of these families. Further, as a federally funded program, the proposed cuts offer no cost savings for our state. Who will this impact? The Senate’s budget impacts 130,000 North Carolinians, including...

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How do the proposed budget cuts impact your county?

The numbers are in and it might be someone you know. We know that the NC Senate Budget includes cuts to FNS for families that are currently Categorically Eligible for this assistance, and we know that hurts working families, children, seniors and people with disabilities. We also know that SNAP benefits, also known as Food Stamps, are federally funded and the removal of these individuals from FNS benefits does not save North Carolina money. What is the real impact on your community? Here is a county-by-county breakdown on who will be impacted in Second Harvest’s 18 county service region:...

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Giving Back: Can the Man Van

It was last summer when Jay Callahan came home with his new ride: a used Volkswagan Routan. He strapped car seats into it and looked at it in his drive way. It wasn’t very cool—after all, it was a white minivan. “I’m a man with a van,” he thought to himself. “I guess I might as well use it for good.” Jay’s version of ‘good’ is quirky and off-beat, but it works. The Head Soccer Coach at Salem College, blogger, husband and father of two became an occasional Uber driver this past winter, and that is when he realized...

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“To be present and flexible for your kids, you have to have something solid underneath you.”

“Watch your fingers!” Jennifer repositions her seven-year-old daughter’s hand on the knife. Sophia is cutting strawberries. She is small for her age and a chair is pulled up backwards to the counter for her to stand on. Jennifer pulls Sophia’s hair back from her face and fastens it in a ponytail as she works. Her brother, Greg, is doing homework in the living room. “The strawberries are from the pantry,” explains Jennifer. “But the yogurt is from the store.” “We mix and match everything. The kids eat breakfast and lunch at school. What I can buy at the grocery...

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