Month: April 2017

“Food is just so important.” Linda Hill’s collection of bowls from our Empty Bowls event show her commitment to hunger-free communities.

Linda Hill’s Winston-Salem home is filled with art and smells like cooking. She sits at her dining room table, sharing recipes and talking about Campari tomatoes. You would think she had died and gone to Heaven the way she talks about tomatoes. “I could go on and on. I love food!” she laughs. It was that love of food coupled with her love for North Carolina that brought her to Second Harvest Food Bank nearly 28 years ago– first as a volunteer and later as a 9-year member of the Second Harvest Board of Directors. “Food is just so...

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Three Sisters Gardening: Corn, Beans and Squash

Corn. Beans. Squash. For centuries, these three crops have been the center of Native American agriculture and culinary traditions. Corn, beans and squash are known as the “Three Sisters” as they complement each other while growing in the garden, as well as nutritionally on your plate. Volunteers gave their time and labor this past weekend as they joined us to put in our Three Sisters Garden at Second Harvest’s warehouses, the first of our demonstration beds to be planted this spring. A Three Sisters garden is a simple way for your family, school, place of worship or food pantry...

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The Humble Work of Listening

What difficult choices are families in Winston-Salem having to make? People are clustered in small groups around large tables, shoulders and heads pitched forward, thoughtfully listening. Food Bankers, students, non profit workers, foundation directors, and neighbors from the Boston Thurmon and Cleveland Avenue neighborhoods are deep in conversation about this question, sharing data, recounting observations and telling stories from their own lives. This is one of many community conversations over the last year led by Second Harvest, the lead convener for Collaborating for Clients or C4C, and other leadership partners as we work to understand how food insecurity specifically–and...

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