Month: February 2017

“Older folks have had a whole life of doing for themselves. It’s hard for them to ask for help.”

Donna Galloway is practically leaping between refrigerators and freezers as she packs up shopping bags with meats and vegetables. She moves a bit like a bumblebee: a buzz of activity emits from her very being. “They didn’t ask me to come in everyday, but I do,” says the 66 year old volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank’s partner agency, One Step Further, Inc in downtown Greensboro. She has been volunteering at One Step Further for nearly a year. “It’s a warm feeling to help someone.” One Step Further is one of Second Harvest’s 100 partner programs serving Guilford County,...

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“Mom, I’m Hungry.”

After the New York Times published an article last month questioning what grocery items were being purchased with SNAP benefits, we spoke with a local Northwest North Carolina mother currently relying on SNAP about what she put in her family’s grocery cart. Here is what she said.   “Mom, I’m hungry.” The voice is my five year old daughter and I have to bite my tongue before I say “Really? Again?” After all, it’s not her fault that coming up with another snack can be a seemingly Herculean task. She didn’t choose to be born into poverty, she didn’t...

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Heart Disease: It’s not all about Dietary Fat, It’s a Sugar Problem Too!

Because many of our partner programs at Second Harvest serve at-risk populations, focusing on the distribution of healthy, fresh food is of vital importance. It is a sad truth that heart disease is the leading cause of death for Americans. Food insecurity only heightens this risk: individuals with low food security have increased incidents of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. Second Harvest is working to promote healthy, fresh food across our service area, and is partnering with hospitals and healthcare providers to meet the healthy food needs of our community. With Valentine’s here and our thoughts on sweets and...

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Caring for Neighbors, Seniors, and Feeding Community.

“Around here, people are just as good as they can be.” James Osborne is a small man with deep, wise wrinkles that curl up around his eyes when he smiles. James says that he, like many people up in Ashe County in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, does what he can for others whether that be hauling trash or feeding their dogs. “That’s how we do it up here.” That spirit seems to be what fills the wood paneled dining room at Second Harvest Food Bank’s partner Ashe Outreach in Creston, North Carolina. The entire building smells...

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