Month: December 2016

“I want them to know we are trying.”

“I try to give them $20 every month. It’s not what I owe them, but I want them to know we are trying.” Anita Chapman’s small voice is very direct and earnest. She explains that she and her husband both owe large medical bills from injuries in recent years, and they are slowly whittling away at what is due. “We cover our main bills first: car insurance, lights, water, those things. Next we bring something to the doctor’s office. Usually we end up with about $50 after all that.” Anita is good at math. It is her job to...

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Food Desert No More: Why a Northeast Greensboro neighborhood raises food for Second Harvest

A guest blog post from our friends at the Renaisance Community Cooperative in Guilford County! Food insecurity is a problem that will require multiple strategies to solve. People who want to make sure that we can all eat need to support each other’s efforts to get the job done. From a food bank and its local partners to a community-owned grocery store, we can work together to address these very real issues. This is why Greensboro’s Renaissance Community Cooperative(RCC) and Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC are partnering for the RCC’s first food drive! Buy non-perishable goods at...

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What does Triad Community Kitchen mean? “It means a way out,” says graduate Terrell Anistead

It wasn’t that long ago that we saw Terrell Anistead receive his diploma and knives, the customary gift to students who are graduating from Second Harvest’s Triad Community Kitchen program. Now, nine months later, he is back in the TCK kitchen classroom standing in front of a twelve burner stove, with vegetables and steaks sizzling behind him. “You get used to being burned,” he says with a smile, pointing to a few scars on his forearms as he rolls up his sleeves. Terrell is leading a lesson today on preparing Tomahawk Steaks. A new crop of students are here,...

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Feeding the Need: Triad Community Kitchen celebrates 10 years of cooking for a cause

If you can find your way through the maze of food pallets stacked floor to ceiling in the lofty warehouse of Second Harvest Food Bank, you’ll find a classroom of happy students watching a demonstration by a local chef. Push through the double swinging doors beyond the class, and you’ll find a state-of-the-art kitchen where instructor Janis Karathanas, herself a trained chef, spends her days teaching culinary job skills to the 60 to 80 students who graduate from Triad Community Kitchen’s cooking school in Winston-Salem each year. Now in its 10th year, Triad Community Kitchen (TCK) is the brain...

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