Month: November 2016

Become a Grant Maker! Feeding Community through Micro-Grants

Imagine the challenges of trying to feed your family day after day with no refrigerator or freezer. Amazingly, this is the situation in which many local food assistance organizations find themselves. Though these programs are helping hundreds of food insecure families each month, many are doing so with little to no capacity to store healthy, fresh or fresh frozen foods. Second Harvest Food Bank works with over 450 partner programs that are doing the on-the-ground work of feeding community. Without them, the 72 tons (yes, tons!) of food we move each day across 18 counties might never make it...

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Scrolling for a Cause

If you make your way towards the back of Klingspor’s Woodworking Shop in Winston-Salem on a Wednesday morning, you will be met by the rattling hum of a scrollsaw. Today, Mike Violette is at the helm wearing a Santa hat and effortlessly guiding the wire-thin blade through the pattern to create a small, ornate cross. For the 5th year, the Carolina Scrollers are busy at work making unique, handcrafted ornaments benefitting Second Harvest Food Bank. The club boasts about 32 members, all of whom are donating their time, talent and wood to cut through hundreds of patterns to make...

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Meet Malea: Perseverance and Gratitude

“Did you see my ramp?” There is a plywood ramp leading from Malea Lail’s driveway to the front porch so that her wheelchair can clear the two small steps. This morning it is rain-soaked and feels a bit rickety. “It does the trick though,” she explains. “Plus, it’s not too far to fall!” Malea’s laugh fills her small Asheboro home easily— it is equal parts jubilant and defiant. It is the type of laugh one develops when they come out the other side of a lot of hard knocks. Only weeks earlier, Malea’s leg was amputated at the knee....

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