Together, We Can Feed Community.

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There is a fable about a hungry traveler who arrives in a village where the residents were also hungry. Each thought they had nothing to spare. 

From door to door the traveler begged, but no one could spare a meal. Turned away at the last house, the traveler announced that he would make stone soup. He pulled out a stone and a pot, and lit a fire. “Can I bother you for some broth?” he asked a villager.  In fact, she did have broth to spare. “This would be better with a carrot,” he mused.  Another villager had a carrot to spare. It went on like this, each villager contributing one ingredient, until a huge pot of soup was created. 

Together, there was enough for all.

It is this spirit of “stone soup” that we bring to our 15th Annual Empty Bowls.  Like the traveler’s stone and pot, Second Harvest’s Empty Bowls has humble origins. At our first Empty Bowls, in 2001, volunteers and a handful of supportive restaurants created pots of soup for the event. 15 years later, we have OVER 35 local area restaurants who donate their own signature soups to Empty Bowls. In the years in between, Second Harvest launched our Triad Community Kitchenprogram, which in turn has launched its very own restaurant, Providence, that will be providing soup for the first time this year!

At Empty Bowls, the community comes together to create a simple feast that can serve many. Restaurants from throughout our area donate to this worthy cause, local artisans donate handcrafted bowls, and volunteers donate their time. When everyone contributes a little, everyone’s bowl can be filled. Together, we can solve hunger.


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