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Nutrition Position Statement

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC's Nutrition Position Statement integrates the following concepts:

  • We accept all donated food products
  • Individuals exercise choice in food selection
  • All types of food can fit within a balanced diet
  • We encourage healthy food choices and donations

At Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina, our mission is to reduce hunger and malnutrition in northwest North Carolina.  In light of known relationships between food insecurity and obesity and diet-related disease, we strive to do more than simply provide calories.

In collaboration with our donors, volunteers, partner agency food assistance network and other supporters and stakeholders, Second Harvest Food Bank strives to solicit, obtain and distribute as many healthy foods as possible. 

Our warehouse receives a wide range of food products varying in nutritional value each day.  We believe that all types of food can fit within a healthy diet – and we understand that every individual we serve has food preferences.  Knowing this, we choose not to reject food and beverage donations based on nutrient quality. 

Through its Nutrition Services Program, Food and Nutrition Services Outreach efforts and the distribution of healthy foods, Second Harvest Food Bank strives to provide nutritional support for those experiencing hunger, encourage healthier food choices and positively impact the health of northwest North Carolinians. 

Looking ahead, we are committed to a focus on acquiring and distributing healthy food and expanding  nutrition outreach and education services to our partner food assistance network and the people in need they serve.

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